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Storage Tank Design

We have storage tank design experience in both shop-fabricated and field-erected storage tanks. With our broad national reach, we have worked with companies such as The Dow Chemical Company, British Petroleum, BASF and many others, so we are familiar with the needs, preferences and specifications for companies in various industries.

5a Storage Tank Design

Draw on our knowledge and experience for your next storage tank design

With our qualified engineers, designing your API 650, 620 or AWWA storage tank couldn't be easier or more cost effective. There is a full array of API 650 style storage tanks that can be designed and/or detailed including open top, self-supporting roof, dome and umbrella roofs, joist-supported roofs, shop-built, as well as field-erected.

  • Storage tank designs are performed in accordance with API 650, API 12F, AWWA, and UL142.
  • Designs are performed using Innovative Tank Solutions.
  • Detailed fabrication drawings provided in AutoCAD
  • We can cater to your specific drawing guidelines from your provided "go bys"